Public Sentiment

CRNTM mainly works on cognize output, brand operation. CRNTM has built a series of knowledge transfer courses and an international lecturer team, which has formed an Online media matrix in this area. Through the MCN (Multiple Channel Network), we aim to deliver industry cognition and establish a positive public image to the public. Also, we endeavour to provide public relations and marketing services to other companies. CRNTM consists of several technology media companies and has done lots of cases in terms of big-data public sentiment and brand operation.

In the past five years, CT Consulting has mainly undertaken overseas venture capital and technology company incubating projects. The bases include Wuhan, Taiwan, and Leeds. The team has years of experience in equity financing, media marketing and brand management. It has provided brand services for the world’s top 500 technology groups, domestic fitness equipment listed companies, and scientific research projects in many of the world’s top 100 universities.

JC Media focuses on providing media marketing and brand operation for government and authority, technology enterprises, venture capital institutions, state-owned platforms and industrial parks, providing a series of online and offline services, including brand building, product promotion, activities planning, and brand PR. The team has years of experience and has established very solid relationships with relevant industries, high education bodies, research institutes and financial companies, and has done lots of cases in terms of big-data public sentiment and brand operation for them.