About Us


Aim & Mission

We endeavour to resolve the pain points of the healthcare industry, to provide effective service to meet the urgent needs of vulnerable groups while sharing the surplus values with the public to undertake due social responsibility. We aim to light up public welfare with love and technology and help the elderly, the disabled, and the patients. We also strive to provide low-income patients and the elderly with affordable and effective medical rehabilitation and elderly nursing equipment.

HBRNTI is oriented by specialisation and marketisation, adhering to the principles of enterprise leadership, university participation, and government supervision, through the structure of one institution and three centres to enhance the circulation and cycling of the global information flow, technology flow and financial flow within the rehabilitation and nursing sector and introduce the high-quality scientific and technological achievements in the healthcare field to Hubei, especially Wuhan, China.

We endeavour to speed up the commercialisation of due application sectors in China. Foreseeable future, HBRNTI endeavour to be a Central China innovation centre in the healthcare and welfare field, a National Technology Transfer Demonstration Centre, and a National Innovation and Development Base for the rehabilitation and nursing technology industry.