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  • HBRNTI Academic and Technical Committee Office Introduction

    The Hubei Rehabilitation & Nursing Tech Industry(HBRNTI)Academic and Technical Committee (referred to as the Committee) is a professional body within the HBRNTI. It is composed mainly of experts from Academia bodies, Government authorities, Fintech & healthcare industries. The Committee established through self-recommendation, committee recommendation and approval by the board of Institute Directors. The committee aims to drive the development of healthcare & wellness technology innovation, advance healthcare and welfare relevant achievements transformation and commercialisation, and promote regional economic development, which is the showcase of the collaboration of government, industry, academia, research, and finance working together. The Committee is responsible for organizing healthcare and welfare intelligence community, promoting technology achievements commercialisation, and driving technological innovation of research and development.

    1. Establishing a “ healthcare and welfare intelligence community”: This specific healthcare and welfare industrial think tank gathers academicians, experts, and entrepreneurs from various relevant fields globally, serving as an important intellectual support for the Committee. It is responsible for providing consultations and arguments related to the strategic framework and industry application scenarios of healthcare and welfare industries, coordinating talent attraction and investment promotion with local governments, and promoting the integration and innovative development of enterprises, universities, and local economics.

    2. Promoting transformation and commercialisation: Through the top-level industrial strategic framework, feasible industry application scenarios and real market demand of the health care industry, and integrates the resources of government, industry, academia, research, finance, underlay healthcare big-data and industry technology map, promote the targeted transformation and commercialisation of scientific and technological achievements by academicians and Fintech professionals, and empower enterprises with technological innovation, performance growth, M&A and IPO, etc.

    3. Driving Technological Innovation: Each year, 3-5 academicians and experts from the committee intelligence community are selected to lead the construction of various research group within the institute. Additionally, the establishment of the “Frontier Healthcare and welfare Technology Innovation Fund” will advance forward-looking fundamental research and specific key technical breakthroughs in the field of the healthcare and welfare industry.

    Since 2021, HBRNTI Academic and Technical Committee has established intelligence community, which has already introduced hundreds of academicians and expert professors from relevant fields globally. The Committee is composed of a director, sectary, and committee fellows. Committee fellows are selected annually from the Committee’s intelligence community. The Committee also has a long tern office responsible for its daily operations, under supervision of the director, providing professional development consultations and technical support for the institute, as well as consultations and support for various activities related to healthcare and welfare technology industry development and technology transformation and commercialisation, including expert evaluations and fellow selections.

  • HBRNTI Academic and Technical Committee Articles and Regulations

    Constitution of the Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute (HBRNTI)


    Chapter 1 General Provisions

    1. In order to facilitate the implementation of the development and construction work of Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute (HBRNTI), and to regulate the work of the Industry Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”) of the Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute, this constitution is hereby formulated.

    2. To promote the standardised and professional development of the Hubei rehabilitation and nursing tech industry, and to advance the construction of the Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute (HBRNTI), the Institute’s Board of Directors shall establish the Committee according to the work needs, and determine its name, responsibilities, etc.

    3. The Committee operates under the leadership of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

    4. The Committee mainly consists of experts from universities, government authorities, the science and technology finance industry, and the health and wellness industry. The Committee is formed through self-recommendation, recommendation, and approval by the Board of Directors.


    Chapter 2 Organisational Structure

    5. The Committee consists of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, and members. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of 5 years.

    6. The Committee has 1 Chairman, and it operates under the leadership of the Chairman. The responsibilities of the Chairman include:

      (1) Being responsible for the work of the Committee and completing tasks assigned by the Institute’s Board of Directors;

      (2) Regularly reporting to the Institute’s Board of Directors on the progress of the work undertaken by the Committee.

    7. The Committee has 1 Deputy Chairman who assists the Chairman in organising and coordinating the development of work standards, evaluations, and promotions of working groups. The responsibilities of the Deputy Chairman include:

      (1) Selecting, managing, contacting, and organising the annual work plan of the Committee members and working groups;

      (2) Participating in the activities of the Committee, timely reflecting the opinions and suggestions of the Committee;

      (3) Assisting the Chairman in organising Committee meetings;

      (4) Conducting preliminary review of the addition of Committee members;

      (5) Being responsible for drafting and formulating guidelines for health and wellness industry technology and major technology transformation.

    8. The number of Committee members is set at more than 11. Candidates voluntarily apply through self-recommendation or recommendation and are approved by the Institute’s Board of Directors to become Committee members.

    9. Conditions for Committee Members to Join

      (1) Self-recommendation or expert recommendation to determine candidates; and submit the “Application Form for Members of the Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry  Institute (HBRNTI)” to the Committee;

      (2) The Committee submits the candidate’s application materials to the Board of Directors for review and approval.

    10. The Committee sets up an office, which is located within the Construction Management Office of Hubei Health and Wellness Technology Industry Research Institute. This office acts as the working institute of the Committee, is led by the Chairman, and is responsible for the daily work of the Committee.


    Chapter 3 Member Requirements and Responsibilities

    11. Committee members should abide by discipline and law, possess good professional ethics, have a high level of expertise and extensive work experience, care about industry development, endorse the Committee’s constitution, and fulfil their responsibilities as members. Generally, they should meet the following conditions:

      (1) Loyal to the country and the Party, with accurate political stance;

      (2) Committee members are not restricted by nationality, age, gender, or region;

      (3) Willing to serve the construction of the health and wellness technology industry in Hubei, Central China, and even the whole country;

      (4) Have achievements or contributions in technology commercialization in universities or their respective industry fields;

      (5) Have a deep understanding of or possess rich practical experience in the rehabilitation and nursing tech industry.

    12. Responsibilities of Committee Members

      (1) Uphold and abide by the Committee’s constitution, actively maintain the overall image and reputation of the Committee;

      (2) Keep internal information of the Committee confidential; without approval, members shall not disclose the work content related to the development strategy and organisational activities of the Committee for the Institute;

      (3) Promote and implement the policies formulated by the Committee, actively participate in the Committee’s activities, and undertake tasks assigned by the Committee. The number of annual participation in activities should not be less than 2 times.


    Chapter 4 Responsibilities of the Health and Wellness Technology Industry Technical Committee

    13. Actively participate in the academic and industry development seminars organised by the Institute.

    14. Provide professional development advice and technical support to the Institute.

    15. Provide consultation and support for various activities organised and planned by the Institute related to the development and technology commercialisation of the rehabilitation and nursing tech industry, and actively participate in expert evaluations and selections of various activities.

    16. Actively promotes Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute (HBRNTI) and its related activities.


    Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

    17. This constitution has been deliberated and approved by the Institute’s Board of Directors.

    18. Amendments to this constitution require discussion by the Committee’s assembly, obtaining approval by more than 2/3 (including 2/3), and approval by the Board of Directors.

    19. The right to interpret this constitution belongs to the Institute’s Board of Directors.

    20. Matters not covered in this constitution shall be implemented according to relevant national regulations.

    21. This constitution becomes effective from the date of approval by the Board of Directors.


    Hubei Rehabilitation and Nursing Tech Industry Institute (HBRNTI)

    Construction Management Office

    November 1, 2021

  • Zheng Gangqiang , Director

    Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Foreign Academician; Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at Wuhan University of Technology; Chairman of the Special Committee of Hubei Rehabilitation & Nursing Tech Industry Institute;; Industrial Design Expert, Founder of the Industrialization Theory of Strategic Science Design, and the only academician in the field of art design and financial technology in China. He is recognized as an international top expert by the National Foreign Experts Bureau and serves as an expert for the evaluation of the National Social Science Fund, National Art Science Planning, National Professional Degree Assessment, and other departments such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    He has undertaken and participated in 20 vertical projects, completed over 300 design and implementation projects, authored 11 books, published 87 papers, and obtained 59 awards and 19 national patents. Under his leadership, the team has won 298 awards. As the principal investigator, he led the projects of the National Social Science Fund for the Industrialization Strategy of Design and the Art of Ship Design. He has expanded the discipline and academic system of design, establishing China’s independent design industrialization strategic knowledge system and application standards.

  • SHENGQUAN XIE , Director

    Fellow of the Engineering New Zealand, Fellow of IMechE, CEng, UK, Fellow of The American Society of Civil Engineers, Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Chair professor of the University of Leeds and the director of the Healthcare and Medical Equipment R&D Institute. Chair of the IEEE/ASME MESA Committee, Chair of the AIM Committee, and Associate Editor of IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. Published more than 400 papers, dozens of global patents, and nearly £30 M of research contracts from government granting agencies and industries, supervised over 100 postgraduate students; Received a Ph.D. in Mechatronics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Chair professor at several world’s top 100 universities, such as the University of Auckland in New Zealand, University College London, University of Leeds in the UK.

  • Yang Linjiang , Distinguished Fellow

    Academician of the Russian National Academy of Engineering and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Academy of Sciences; President of the Chinese Center of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Professor-level Senior Engineer, Senior Economist; recipient of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China Commemorative Medal, and a recipient of the Special Allowance Expert from the State Council.

    He serves as a member of the National Reward Evaluation Committee and the leader of the expert group for National 863 High-Tech Projects. He is one of the representatives of the Ninth National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology, a council member of the China International Economic Exchange Center, and a member of the Tenth Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Association for Science and Technology.

    He founded the International Academy of Sciences to gather resources from domestic and overseas academicians, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by academicians. Since 1993, he has been honored with six provincial and ministerial awards, including the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress First Prize in 2001, the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize in 2003, and the National Technical Invention Second Prize in 2008. In 2003, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Personnel with Outstanding Contributions in Zhejiang Province, and in 2004, he was selected as the second-tier talent of the Zhejiang Provincial New Century 151 Talents Project.

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