Knowledge Transfer

CRNKT mainly works to look for valuable investment targets and provide post-investment value-added services. Through big data and academic professional due diligence to mine effective knowledge transfer projects and investment targets, and provide research results for early projects through pilot test maturity to the last mile of commercial services. At the beginning of its establishment, CRNKT cooperated with the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and at the same time reached a comprehensive co-construction with Wuhan University of Technology and other well-known universities globally. Under the help of the local government, we started at Wuhan, and endeavour to provide service from central to the whole China.

It is a technology industry company under the HBRNTI. It mainly undertakes the industrial implementation of some projects from CRNKT. It is a high-tech company focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements from high education bodies in the field of healthcare and the development of rehabilitation and nursing technology industry.

GKTC is the first big data consulting company in the UK with the mission of maintaining academic fairness and justice, it mainly conducts academic due diligence in professional fields. GKTC provides academic due diligence (B2B) in the process of technology transfer. Among them, the client groups of academic due diligence mainly involve organisations such as government recruitment, introduction of talents from high education bodies, and background research of investment banks.